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Images of Odysseo

For the past six weeks or so, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Cavalia’s new show, Odysseo, as it has prepared to open in Toronto.  I’m the local ‘equestrian coordinator’, which means I’m the one who knows where all the local tack shops and riding schools are, which BNR (Big Name Riders) to connect with, and which associations might enthusiastically help us promote the show.  It’s been a combo pack of marketing, schmoozing, copywriting, and media relations, and one of the perks has been being able to invite several media friends to the gala opening night last night (Tuesday, May 15).  More on that in a future post …

I’ve also been in attendance at the three media previews, the most recent of which offered a condensed ‘sneak peek’ of Odysseo’s unique melding of horses, acrobats, and aerialists, and let those of us with cameras have at it.  (Cameras are prohibited for the actual performances, so this was our only shot at getting the shots!)

I knew my equipment was going to be underpowered for the challenging light conditions inside the Big Top theatre.  My lenses aren’t the fastest and my old Nikon camera body has serious limits on its ISO.  But experience has also taught me that shooting under these limitations can sometimes give really pleasing results.  Some of my favourite images from the opening ceremonies of the 2010 World Equestrian Games, for example, are blurred and ethereal shots I got after dark, with the horses captured in coloured spotlights.

Herewith a selected few images from Odysseo.  It’s not poor photography, people; it’s art!  (Say that with conviction and you can almost buy into it.)

If you’d like to see some actual in-focus images, check out my friend Shawn Hamilton’s gallery here.

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6 thoughts on “Images of Odysseo

  1. Ah – I am so envious. There are some disadvantages to living in an area far removed from the ‘hub’ of activity. Were I closer I’d have been BEGGING for a media invite. Nicely done!


    • If you happen across any seat sales to Toronto, Ceci, I promise I will wrangle you a media invite. 😉

      We don’t know where Odysseo is going to head when things wind down in Toronto, btw, but if it’s going east I will make sure to alert you. I know what you mean about being removed from cultural centres … that’s one of the main reasons I stay in Ontario and within an hour or two of Toronto. Can’t bear the idea of never being able to see the ballet or a gallery show or good theatre. (Though being in proximity and not being able to afford to go to some of them, is its own kind of torture!)


  2. Oh – and I enjoyed both your artistic photos and Shawn’s. SO wish I could have been there, camera in hand.


  3. I thought you might get involved in that – looks like a great show and a great gig for vous …


    • Yup — I only wish the work was going to last a little longer! I’m only committed till the end of May, though if the ticket sales are strong I might get another two to four weeks out of it. Fingers crossed! It’s lovely to be associated with a show with such a high level of horsemanship and artistry. Nothing cringe-worthy here (ie as in one of my previous posts about unwatchable horse movies which get it all wrong).


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