Writing From the Right Side of the Stall

Carefully curated musings about the writing life, horses, bitterness and crushing career disappointment. Fun, right?


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“This blogger has spleen to spare.” 


“I applaud every single line.  You are truly a god.”

“If you visit Karen’s blog and all you take from it is that there is a bunch of stuff about horses on it, you’re missing out. There is so much more to explore – and the horse stuff is good too! Karen does great book reviews, has some on the spot posts about journalism and her selections on freelancing are must read for anyone in the trade. She is witty and sharp, bites from time to time, but you’ll like it! I do, and that is why she is must read material!”


“Devastating snark and guaranteed lolz.”

“Reading that left me feeling a bit turned on. What a woman!”

“Read now.”

“AWESOME RANT.  And not just because she managed to use the words “Loathsome” and “Shat” on the first page (though, extra kudos for that). “

“Strange to see a Canadian making such acid remarks.”

snark“Karen, you broke my heart in 20 different ways! Curse you, evil woman! 😉 “

“Only Karen could write that, get a laugh AND get away with it!”

(The preceding comments were taken directly from various social media, were actually directed at me or this blog, and were absolutely, positively not repeated here out of context.  At all.)  

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