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Carefully curated musings about the writing life, horses, bitterness and crushing career disappointment. Fun, right?


This is a sampling of some of the feature articles I’ve had published in print, and on-line, over the years.  These aren’t necessarily my favourites, the ones which have won awards, or even the most contentious examples of my work … they’re just the ones for which I happen to have PDFs.

Nonetheless, I hope they give you some small idea of my background and writing style.

Please note that I hold the copyright for all of this material!  That means no pinching it for your own website/blog without my express, prior permission (and fair payment).  Thank you.

My first cover shot:  Canadian eventing team member, Samantha Taylor, on Livewire.

My first cover shot: Canadian eventing team member, Samantha Taylor, on Livewire.


‘Phenomenal’ corn yields blunt ethanol’s impact on livestock feed

Goss’s Wilt marching towards Ontario _ Better Farming

CFIA limits ports of entry for slaughter-bound horses _ Better Farming

Veterinary Health and Nutrition:

The Precarious Premature Foal — Trot magazine

HorseChannel’s Guide to Supplements

Gut Feelings -USDF Connections

12 Months of Feeding Tips

Gait Analysis — The Research of Dr. Hilary Clayton

A Shocking Treatment For Fibrillating Horses

Skin Deep

Stable Management:

Automatic Care — The Bloodhorse

Work Areas in the Barn – HorseChannel.com

Mud Management

Event Coverage:

Germany is Golden in Show Jumping at the World Equestrian Games 

2011 Royal Winter Fair; A Grand Affair – PhelpsSports.com

Ashton Wins A Wet Wits End CIC

Pop Art Puts On A Show At The Royal Winter Fair

Interview Pieces:

A Candid Conversation With Clayton Fredericks

On The Record with Dr. Michael Wilson

Multiple Choice

Harness Racing:

Admiral honored with Cam Fella Award – Harness Racing Newsroom – USTA

Two champions lost – Harness Racing Newsroom – USTA

Clerk Magistrate Hambletonian 2008

Fall Fairs Keep Tradition Alive

Free-legged Zooka Bouncing Back

Ontario racing fights back

Contentious Issues:

Cushing’s Crisis Crusade Sparks Regulatory Victory

Greenbelt poll questioned _ Better Farming

Solar co-op waits for grid updates


Partnering With Horse People Brings Advantages to Land Trusts

‘Go Green’ in Your Horse Pasture — MyHorse.Com


Artistic Expression2

Shelter Porn:

Our Homes – Barrie Fall 2021 pg 76 to 84split-merge_extractPDFpages_


Amazing Amarillo

Choosing A Riding Vacation

Touring Tuscany

A snowmobiling adventure in Charlevoix, Quebec_ Part 1 _ Travel and Escape

A snowmobiling adventure in Charlevoix, Quebec_ Part 2 _ Travel and Escape

Guest blogging:

The Oily Truth (Rodney’s Saga)

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