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More Year of the Horse …

More Year of the Horse ...

That 2014 will be the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac is apropos, since 2014 also brings us another World Equestrian Games — this time in Normandy. Not much hope of my getting there, but I’m exploring a few options (okay, one option) … meantime, here’s a greeting from the organizers, with a link to their promo video (click the image).

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2 thoughts on “More Year of the Horse …

  1. I had planned on going to WEG this year, but the organization of the website and ticket sales put me off. So I looked into world cup, in Lyon, same deal.

    Instead we are going to Paris and tour France for a week or so, then going to Aachen for the days I want to see. Schedule done, can choose the seats, marathon on Saturday is free, friendly website.


  2. I had pretty much written off this edition of WEG, but I have a kind client who is French and is intending to go … and she has all sorts of connections for affordable accommodations near Caen! So there is now some small possibility that I’ll make it there, provided I can actually line up enough assignments to justify the journey. THAT, unfortunately, is becoming more and more challenging to do these days … but I’m putting it out there, publishers and editors, that I am able and willing to provide WEG coverage. If you want me there, I will find a way to go. 🙂


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