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Ouvrez la Fenêtre, Fermez la Porte

That’s about the level of the French I was able to muster while in Paris in April.  In other words, no better than I manage in Quebec.  Considering French is one of this country’s official languages, the Ontario educational system has a lot to answer for.  But thankfully, Parisians know which side their baguette is buttered on, and they’re pretty accommodating to oafish, unilingual North Americans.  (Or maybe they would rather switch to English than hear us butcher one more word in their native tongue.)

Two months later, I’m still basking in post-Parisian bliss to some extent, which I guess shows how badly I needed a vacation.  It was one of those rare occasions when the universe smiled.

I can’t share the macarons and the croissants and the street-vendor crepes.  They’re long gone, my friends.  But I can share a few images.  Herewith the doors (and some windows) of Paris, or at least a few of the ones that caught my eye.  I know, I know, the concept has been done to death.  It’s all over Pinterest, which is pretty much an indication that it’s so last year.  So feel free to call me unimaginative, derivative, a hack.  When I’m on vacation, I shoot what amuses me.

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4 thoughts on “Ouvrez la Fenêtre, Fermez la Porte

  1. So glad you had a good trip and I enjoyed the vicarious tour of things that amused you!

    I’ll be butchering Portuguese in the fall. Hopefully the Brazilians will be similarly forgiving. 😉


  2. Vos photos sont superbes! Love ’em all. I lived in Paris for 8 months when I was 25 (leaving snoozy Tronna behind) and it forever changed how I see and think. Thanks for sharing…LOVE the horses over the door.


    • Thanks, Caitlin. The horses were from the main entrance of the Grande Ecurie, one of the two stables at Versailles. (The Petite Ecurie, across the way, is exactly the same size, btw. I’m told the difference is that the Grande Ecurie housed Louis’s (um, don’t ask me which Louis, probably all three of ’em who were in residence at Versailles) personal riding horses, while the Petite was home for the carriage and work horses. Who I guess were of less grand status, if not stature.)


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