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Insret Dilebarate Typo Hear

Could this be why my blog isn’t getting half a million hits per day and a movie deal?   (Don’t make me beg for comments here ….)


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5 thoughts on “Insret Dilebarate Typo Hear

  1. Ha! I misspell s*&t all the time. My loyal reader following (both of them) just roll their eyes and wish I’d figure out what those red squiggly lines mean.


    • I’m just impressed that you manage to persuade your keyboard to produce all those funky umlauts and other weird eastern-European do-dads on the place and food names, Ellen ….


  2. Ah – the problem with being a spelling, punctuation and grammar nazi – not enough people seem to appreciate a well written, erudite commentary these days. (Ha – someone go look that up in yer funkin’ wagnals – hee hee).

    I feel your pain.


  3. Once upon a time, there were no standardized spellings for English. People just got inventive and hoped the meaning would shine through. So the question is, are we regressing, or rebelling? And am I just being resistant to change by worrying about a lexicon of arcane and arbitrary rules for an admittedly bastardized language?


  4. Or a cute, fashionista squirrel picture. It would take off. You would become the Internet squirrel lady, with daily squirrel updates, squirel cartoons, a live squirrel cam, and … oh, look, squirrel.

    Also, for grammar/spelling wonks: The Lexicographer’s Dilemma by Jack Lynch.


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