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Solidarity, Comrade: Even MORE on Writing for Free

fuck you pay meI have ranted about this before.  Most writers … hell, most creative types … have ranted about this before.  But since the problem has not skulked off into the Cave of Shame just yet, it bears repeating.  Here’s author John Scalzi‘s take on Not Writing For Free:

A Note To You, Should You Be Thinking of Asking Me to Write For You for Free

A Little More Re:  Writing For Free

And since he practically dared me to post his Big Green Graphic, I will do so without hesitation.

Now, I do not have the profile of a John Scalzi (he of multiple science fiction novels with movie options).  This does not mean I — and others of my ilk, who toil ceaselessly and without hope of praise or strolls on red carpets,  in the dank subterranean home office/spare bedrooms of the world — need to write for you for free.  My skills have value.  So does my time.  So fuck you, pay me.  I’m totally worth it.

(Besides, I’ve found nothing like a work-for-free rant to boost my blog numbers.  Thanks in advance, John.)

Just in case there is anyone who hasn’t yet seen Harlan Ellison‘s priceless diatribe on the subject, here it is for good measure:

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5 thoughts on “Solidarity, Comrade: Even MORE on Writing for Free

  1. Yes, YES, YESSSSS!!!!!!!


  2. What a GREAT rant! Love it! (FWIW, I feel exactly the same way every time someone asks me if they can “have” one of the photos I took. Like I’m supposed to be so excited that someone’s actually asking for something from me … for free. Yeah, right. I totally understand the angst here!


  3. Love it! I’ve gotten a couple of those requests – as if it would be a privilege to write something for free – and like rontuaru, over the years I’ve been inundated for requests for free photography – as if all my equipment, time, travel, and expertise aren’t worth anything. they offer to give me photo credit – yes, photo credit! wheee! the freebie requesters just don’t seem to get the time, $ and effort put into photography and writing. Or perhaps they do and they don’t care.


  4. Sign on my bulletin board: “ONLY FOOLS work for FREE” . That includes Brain Picking. I worked hard for this knowledge. Swipe your card into my bank account, thank you very much.


  5. Ha ha… good rant 🙂


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