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Isn’t It Loverly?

Well.  My little blog is making a stir in the universe.  Butterfly wings and all that, you know.

A gentle reader has nominated me for my very first blog award, for which I am humbled and honoured and flattered in much the same way as I was having a gold star pasted to my forehead in grade two.

The Pulitzer committee cannot be far behind!

So sincere thanks to Pleun at La Vida Loca  for this:

And I gather the way the game is played, is I have to now reveal seven startling things about myself.  So without further ado:

1. I’m left-handed, with all that that implies.  (Like, um, difficulty with certain utensils.  And knitting.  And pastels.)

2. I didn’t quite make it to the Met, much to my parent’s (perpetual) disappointment, but I have a passable set of soprano pipes.  Think Kate Bush range.  Not all that commercial.

3.  I’ve managed to sell six books to publishers without the benefit of a literary agent.  People tell me this is insanely impossible.  <shrug>

4. I made it through university without ever developing a liking for coffee or beer.  This, I am told, makes me a poor excuse for a Canadian.

5. I still like to double-space after the end of a sentence.  Call me old-school.  Call me a mouth-breather.

6. I’m not good with stupid authority.  I’m okay with the non-stupid kind, but we know which is the predominant variety …

7. I’m pigeon-toed and had to wear ‘special shoes’ (aka really ugly Oxfords with inserts) when I was a kid.  Wasn’t allowed running shoes until I was 10.   Oh, wipe that tear of pity away, I get around just fine, even in heels.

Wow, I feel cleansed.  You?

I am also supposed to nominate a bunch of other blogs I admire.  (Wait, is this an award, or a chain letter?)  So in the spirit of sharin’ the love, here are a few you might want to check out:

1. Rodney’s Saga — because I heart Katherine’s turn of phrase

2. Bob The Equestrian — for his extended description of horse shows, a la Dr. Seuss

3.  The  Blithe Traveler – which makes me very, very jealous (except when it comes to icky forest leeches)

4. Dressage Curmudgeon — even though I suspect she will rain derision upon the honour

5. Bondi Resort Blog — because I also heart Nancy’s turn of phrase and her love of all things Muskoka

6. The Scorpion and the Frog — bringing animal behaviour research to the Great Unwashed, with a nice light touch.

7. Smitten Kitchen — food porn.

8. The Sweet Feed — Best. Name. For a horse-related blog. Ever.

And that’s quite enough of that.  I’ve got work to do, you know.  Can’t sit here all day admiring my gold star.

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5 thoughts on “Isn’t It Loverly?

  1. Thank you for sharing, I love this stuff 😉
    And yes, of course it is some sort of newsletter, but also a great way for us (your readers) to find new blogs that we hadn’t seen before. I love your choices and will definitely visit some of them more often in the future!
    So congratulations (again) and I am looking forward to see more of you!


  2. Oh shit. Quick, say something pithy & original. … um… Thank you?


  3. I am verklempt at this honor. My blog is like my life: untidy and unadorned. Maybe this is my chance for a new beginning? A resurgence in the use of spell check? A desire to learn what “tagging” means? An occasional cursory grammar check? Can it be, is there is hope for my blog?? Ah, but in my life, there is always Hope. 😉 Seriously, thanks, and leeches really aren’t that bad.


  4. I too am mystified by tagging (at least in the blog sense) and I’ve since come to understand that some people hate these awards and decline ’em wholesale. Personally, I am not enough of a blogging heavyweight to turn my nose up at any sort of peer acknowledgement, bogus or otherwise, and am delighted that the leeches have not dampened your sense of humour.


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